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  1. J


    hey! guys i think we should enjoy too on website so post those memes u like here....
  2. J

    Leaving playing games?

    ahh... actually guys am leaving games and going to concentrate on study because i have big dreams in my life that i want to do and to become successfull person i should study so don't accept my staff application too i enjoyed blockstackers so much mainly vanilla and classic so bah byee guys its...
  3. J

    Vanilla update 1.17.1

    Finally guys 1.17.1 update in vanilla that make so happy to vanilla users hope now more players will play enjoy :):p:cool:
  4. J

    Rejected [Vanilla] jadu's Helper Application

    User name: jadu78 What is your in-game name? jadu What is your real name? Hunny What is your age? 14 Where are you from? INDIA Which server are you applying for? Vanilla Why should we consider you as an applicant? I played in vanilla for a long period of time and knows how the...
  5. J

    why? and what is that [NOT USING VPN? open a ticket on discords

    Hey! blockstackers staff memebers help me i have isuee am not able to join server my game name is [jadu]