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  1. Snow

    Classic suggestions i thought of while i was complaining irl about that one asian tryhard better than me

    ignore the title please i had to make it somewhat amusing Hello, I have suggestions, in case that wasn't clear already As you all know, the April Fools update this year brought back lucky blocks, added lucky keys and custom death messages. So why not add even more custom death messages, and...
  2. Snow

    If you were to have a custom tag for free, what would it be?

    mine is Vape or Wurst
  3. Snow

    Buying Buying AE's

    Neutralize 4/5 - 600k - 700k (can be higher) Valor 2 - 500k Ward 4 - 500k Vulcan Sword - 200k Neutralize is a priority, please sell D;
  4. Snow

    Hiring experienced builders.

    Hello, fellow block game players. I am looking for, as you can see in the title for experienced builders to build a functional base for me in an Ice Spikes biome. The payment is 50k-100k (I will pay 150k if I like the design very much) I only need the exterior of the base built as I can take...
  5. Snow

    What's your favorite song(s)?

    Doja Cat - Need To Know \o7
  6. Snow

    Make the weirdest sentence you can think of.

    Obviously, there will be one rule The sentence must not contain any foul language and offensive words. Just wanna see how creative people can get ;D
  7. Snow

    My fellow anime enthusiasts, I call for your help.

    Give me anime's to watch, I'm counting on you guys. Do not include SO long anime's like Naruto or One Punch Man cause, just please no I dont want to suffer Things I'm looking for in anime is a little bit of romance, violence and good storylines and Help me, my boredom shall be cured.
  8. Snow

    Flippy, I miss you too

  9. Snow

    Daily Memes .008

  10. Snow

    Reintroduction 2.20.21

    Hello people, my name is Snow, or Velo. I don't really care about what people call me. Here's just another reintroduction. Also I'm just doing this out of spite and I was bored so yeah. Here's some facts about me~ ~ - My favorite movie is As Above, So Below (2014). My favorite songs will be...
  11. Snow


  12. Snow

    Daily Memes .006

  13. Snow

    Daily Memes .005

  14. Snow

    Daily Memes .004

  15. Snow

    Daily Memes .003

  16. Snow

    Daily Memes .002

  17. Snow

    Daily Memes .001

  18. Snow

    Classic Server Suggestions

    We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never...
  19. Snow


    Vote for which category are you best at and tell me what you chose down below and explain why ;3