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    Angelic town project (discontinued)

    it got discontinued as noone was doing anything, i was the only one making it, i still have the location tho, it also got rejected to be as like a warp so im currently making a city with lots of farms (havent decided the name). the theme was fun, basically anything you want it can be medival for...
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    Let's Count to infinity !!

    504 - 496 more to go
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    Pending MayankXus's Builder Application

    Wahh, good luckk Amazing builds
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    More events

    okie thank you
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    Classic Suggestion: Mail vault

    i hope they add this feature
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    More events

    i wish we could have more events such as floor is lava (again) or guess the somethin or a maze?
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    Minecraft all day

    Minecraft all day
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    Pending Fairyberryangel : Builder Application :)

    THREAD TITLE: <Your name>'s Builder Application 1. What is your real name and in-game name? my real name is Maira and my ign is fairyberryangel 2. What is your age? I am 15 3. Where are you from? [Include timezone] I'm from India, time sone Indian standard time or ist 4. Why should we consider...